Shaved all my hair off and called myself a creative.

I’m Ellis, a crossbred mongrel of the creative industry. I started out taking pictures at the age of 18, which ended up bringing me to Shanghai to shoot with Converse and a half-naked man dressed in camouflage paint.

I then had enough of all that and decided I would be an art director, that was cool, picked up some silverware and at one point tried to put boys in princess dresses for Disney, they were having none of it. So I said doei and went to Amsterdam to work as a designer. That was fun, did some stuff, won a Dutch Design Award, that was weird, then said ciao to that and became a hybrid.

The next few jobs comprised of me working for Nike, becoming the creative director of Itsu for a month and then ending up at W+K AMS. There I met boss, mentor and all-round babe Alvaro Sotomayor, he told me "Ellis you're a fucking writer dude!" and that's the story on how I became a writer/art director with some design in my back pocket.

Oh also I am the founder of Signs Of Change, go take a peep if you like signs and change.
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