GO is an initiative that uses gamification with city waste. Each neighbourhood of Mexico City will become its own team and is challenged to correctly recycle and dispose of waste more than the opposing neighbourhoods in the city. If they successfully top the leaderboard they will receive government funding for a localised project of their choice dictated by the local community.
Every neighbourhood will have a GO Bank, this will be their recycling and waste disposal hub for the competition. The scoring system works on percentage change, each neighbourhood will start with an average of their current waste disposal that will be their base mark. The more a neighbourhood disposes of waste using the GO Bank the more points they will receive and consequently climb up the leaderboard.
People can track their neighbourhoods points via the GO Bank or online. Here they can also activate their own community by sharing scores and posts via social media.
The positive implications of this initiative would be huge. This will not only save the city huge amounts of money due to the reduction in contaminated waste and city cleaning but will also reframe the city's perception of waste management through education and activism, while giving the people a tangible incentive to start correctly disposing of waste. Beyond this, it would also improve the city due to the investment in local neighbourhoods of Mexico City, such as, building new parks, renovating old buildings or creating new social spaces for the community.

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